Friday, November 25, 2016

Water Under the Bridge

It sure looks as if I have abandoned this blog, but not so. A good two years of family crisis and the tempest therein has hacked away at my time, desire and nerves. I shall be posting again soon, not for the readers, of which there are none, but for the researchers as yet unborn that will be viewing the archive.


  1. I will never comment here.

  2. Hi Allister
    Came across you blog when searching for my Smith anestors in London. In 1875 my 2xgg who had by then emigrated to NZ wrote some notes trying to prove they were related to an Edward Smith who had died and left money. He must have been in touch with the lawyer who was handling the estate and had a list of questions he needed to answer. We have his rough notes, which say that his father had an unlce that 'kept a business in Ludgate Hill' and 'my mother and father went to see him about 56 years ago'. This would have been about 1819 when my 3gps married. I have found a George Smith who was a haberdasher at 7 Ludgate Hill in 1818 which may or may not be the one you refer to in your blog. It would seem he went into partnership with John Graham for about 3 years in the 1840s before as you say moving to 32 Ludgate Hill to set up on his own. I am unable to find this person in either the 1841 or 1851 census in the Ludgate Hill area, but you have obviously followed him through to find out he became a grocer. What were your sources?
    By the way the Edward Smith of Ludgate Hill who had died, had not died in 1875 when the notes were written, but about 75 years before, leaving his estate to a woman with the proviso that when she died the remaining estate would go to his living next of kin. From what I can remember when I reserched this the next of kin was eventually found in Australia.
    New Zealand