Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Full moon in Libra

Get out the fine china and set to steep a pot of Java-tea (orthosiphon aristatus/Lamiciae - good for the kidneys) and take it easy. I say this because full moons are never easy. Less easy are they to understand when the all-seeing, all-seething internet is awash with "Full moon in Libra! Your relationship are about to be found wanting" prognostications. My how the divorce rate must spike after the passage of a Libran moon.

First, a full moon is easy to understand in symbolic terms: the moon, symbol of the subconscious is illuminated by the sun, that symbol of the soul in residence upon the earth, but also of higher lights, or directly, the great metaphorical sun of the philosopher's lexicon. Yet, the sun brings its attention upon just one slice of our deeper pie. Just one slice that is open for inspection, prepared for the full experienced audit, and tally. Full moons are great book-keeping stations where we are able to see, in stark illumination, where exactly it is we stand in regards to our professional conduct.

So this time it is Libra's turn.

What exactly Libra? It is arching term: a word coined to identity a range of phenomena inside us, and incidentally too, outside. What does that mean? For significance we look to governorship, and Libra, being a nominated principle (which can be usefully described as functioning toward relatedness, harmony and unification) is part of our overall mechanics. That means that our decision making process, our ability to weigh observations, to sort out things, to label correctly, to find the truth of a matter, to be sensitive to all things that bear upon any enquiry, to discern, to judge, to love in the best measure, to express ones self in a managed, economical and full fashion, to find balance, to develop the art of nuance, to find the common bind in a group, to promote harmony, to hit the nail right upon the head…are all sub-fucntions of the Libran principal as it applies to the human heart and mind. Physically speaking, Libra's balancing function is in the parathyroid, where the equal relationship of calcium and phosphorus maintains physical balance in areas of mental capacity to endure, to be unaffected by irritants, to feel warmth. to maintain calm, and to be serene. All of these latter things are one of the mineral functions of a well-running, well-funded Libran department.

Everyone, including entities such as governments, groups and so forth, will be affected, or be made to confront the state of affairs in their Libran departments. Here is a sampler:

(1) In international affairs, diplomatic relations that are founded upon lies and deception will falter and be brought to light (never lie before a Libran full moon – not best practice) fall apart or remain strong. Sadly, any Libran shortcoming will set into motion a corrective activity in Aries, which governs war and conflict as a destructive force.

(2) Personal relationships which have not come to some sort of harmonious point will have the weak points manifest, as suppression of dissatisfaction of an unsupported, heartfelt compromise, become feelings, then words, then deeds. This goes for any matter of relationship be it twixt boss and employee, voter and councillor, student or teacher: the contracts that underpin all human relationships are up for examination.

(3) Creative persons such as artists will find that any lack of necessary skill will become apparent, but any hard acquired skill will suddenly flower into an expressed thing. Our own creative capacities, if neglected will be felt as a depression or a negative space making some people feel as if there is something unsaid or undone. For poets and writers, full moon in Libra gives greater access to the inner warehouse and factory where forces are knitted together for expression.

(4) Social workers will find more work is to be done as tempers flare, resources diminish and people are agitated. These same workers will also gain more understanding and insight during this period as the instruments of sensitivity to the feeling of others are sharpened and richer in content.

(5) Calcium or phosphorous deficiences will show up and the body may try and rid itself of excesses, or comversly, thrown up peckish cravings in order to find the missing calcium or phosphorus. The body will need more water and use it better during a Libran full moon.

I could go on, and some say that I do, but I shall stop here and leave this with you: Libra as a psychic apportion exists for only one reason. It serves to weigh and divide, consider and balance, so that it may do one of two things: eliminate that which does not serve the principle of unity, or incorporate that which does. Acquire or eliminate – the Libran motto.

For me, this moon is apparently centering on fabric (one of Libran's governorships) and I have been buying clothes. I had sub-abdominal, but superficial cramps this morning, which was my solar plexus eliminating soemthing. Psychically I feel fantastic so my audit is progressing well, so far.

P.S. Did you know that Libra governs the word 'and'?

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